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Looking everywhere to find your next property or home investment and can’t find what you’re looking for on MLS? Some homes are sold through exclusive listings so they aren’t easily found.   

Is the condo project you wanted to buy into already sold out? 

Do you not want to wait 2+ years for a condo to be completed?

This is where exclusive listings and assignment sales in real estate come in. Knowing where to look is everything, therefore when you team up with us at REXIG we know where to find them. Our networks give us access to projects not listed in traditional places.

Real estate buying exclusive units

How can you get access to these exclusive listings assignment opportunities?

We always have interesting opportunities coming up through our networks that aren’t always listed on the traditional market. Some homes we sell are not listed in the common locations for seller privacy and are called exclusive listings.   

Also, another opportunity is purchasing what is known as an assignment sale. This is a preconstruction unit already owned by a client however it’s not yet built and is put up for sale. The owner no longer wants to wait for it to be completed before selling to another buyer.

real estate trends - exclusive units

Assignment exclusive listings are interesting as they aren’t listed where most buyers are looking. We know how to find them and can easily connect both a seller and buyer to benefit both parties.

The seller of the assignment sells the unit for more than they purchased however the buyer gets the unit for under current market value. It’s a win-win for both parties and our clients.

To learn more about assignment sales and to see our exclusive units please reach out to us or click the button below.   

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