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Why Preconstruction Homes?

Preconstruction condos & townhouses are a very popular form of investing with approximately 20,000 new condos being sold every year.

There’s a huge demand for projects that investors feel they can get the best returns. We are highly selective with the projects we choose for our clients. In fact, we invest in the same projects ourselves.

There’s value created when you get to buy a preconstruction condo, townhouse or house before it is built. Furthermore there’s even more value added when you buy before the initial public offering. REXIG is a Platinum Level Brokerage which means we get early access to many preconstruction condos. 

After you have purchased your unit, there are a few options to monetize your investment for maximum returns.

The Typical Preconstruction Condos Process

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Ways To Monetize Your Investment

Method #1 Selling After Built – Selling preconstruction homes later when the project has been built, completed and people can move in.  

The unit’s value typically has appreciated between the time you’ve signed to purchase the unit and the time that the condo is actually finished.

Method #2 Renting Out Unit – Renting out the unit to use the passive income to make money and therefore offset any mortgages. Having a renter in your unit after it’s built benefits the renter as they need a place to live. Furthermore this also benefits the owner as the unit is being paid off and generating income. That rent payment offsets costs without having to tap into your funds. 

A side benefit – as more time passes the likelihood that the property itself will continue to appreciate. 

Method #3 Selling A Unit Assignment

Selling a unit assignment before preconstruction condos are finished but after the initial purchase agreement is made. 

With many preconstruction homes, the ability to sell the unit is an option before the project is fully completed. This is before the official possession of the units is taken (and a mortgage is needed). 

Because the client purchased the preconstruction condo early before public offering and as time has passed before the project is completed. (typically 1-2 years). Appreciation of the price has already gone up. There are buyers that may not want to wait another 1-2 years for preconstruction condos to move in. 

They will buy the assignment off of the original owner at an increased price. In particular everybody wins. The client wins as they sell for a higher price than they originally paid. The new buyer wins because they get a unit at below market value. Also, they do not have a long wait for the project to be completed.


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Interested in Buying Preconstruction Condos Assignment?

If you’re interested in buying an assignment unit there are still many deals to be had. Often there is more appreciation to take advantage of when the project is complete. 

Click the “Available Assignments” button to see the listing of preconstruction condos on assignment. Or talk to us about what we have access to that is not available in the public market or on MLS.

Also if you’re interested in seeing projects that are upcoming soon and not yet available for sale please click “Upcoming Projects”. 

If you want to see preconstruction projects that are for sale now please click the “Available Projects” button. 

We can help you navigate the market and work with you to build a preconstruction plan that works for you and your goals. Contact us, we would love the opportunity to help you start your real estate journey and to help to maximize your money.

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