why invest in real estate?

real estate investing

Real Estate has been one of the great investment strategies for many decades here in Canada.  Real estate investing can help to diversify your assets and therefore building new income streams. Depending on how you approach the market it can be a great way to generate passive income.

The Canadian real estate market and consequently  Toronto and surrounding areas in Ontario have seen significant year over year gains. For over 20+ years the growth trajectory continues to skyrocket as a top market to invest. This area contains a significant amount of growth potential, job potential and a consistent influx of people and thus shows no signs of stopping.  

Over 90% of the world’s millionaires have made their money through real estate

why invest in real estate

People will always need a place to live and property is becoming harder and harder to come by. 

It’s not only an attractive place for Canadians to invest but Canada is being viewed by the world as a real estate investing mecca. Many outside investors are putting their money into our country, our cities and it’s becoming a major hub for jobs, technology and global talent.  

This keeps a strong buying and selling side of the market for investors. In addition the need for rental properties continues to grow.

real estate value

Real Estate Investing Is More Accessible Than You Realize

Many people do not realize that you can borrow money by leveraging your current property at very low interest rates. Specifically, this can be easily used for additional properties or investments at a higher rate of return.

Thousands of people who now own multiple properties did so by continuing to leverage their real estate as they purchased them. This allowed them to build a larger real estate portfolio, maximizing their asset potential and above all their net worth.

The best part of it all? Anyone can do it!  

The REXIG team is the right brokerage partner to guide you through real estate investing and get access to opportunities. Anyone has the potential to be a real estate investor and build their wealth. In other words true financial freedom.

We would love to talk to you about real estate investing and answer your questions. We take a zero pressure approach and teach you how to take the first step.

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