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The Future of Real Estate

Our Story

We set ourselves apart with exponential year-over-year growth. Every year our reputation for excellence grows, we establish new partnerships, earn industry accolades, expand our team of agents, and have become Mattamy Homes' GTA Urban Division top sales partner.

Fast forward two decades, and we are now a multi-billion-dollar enterprise with a global presence. Our capabilities go far beyond brokerage services; we provide end-to-end real estate solutions, including property management, real estate development, and charitable initiatives through the REXIG Foundation.

At every stage of our journey, we have stayed true to our core principles of integrity, innovation, and outstanding service. Through the REXIG Foundation, we are committed to continuing our support for those in need.



Meet our Broker of Record


Renata Bellio

As the esteemed Broker of Record at REXIG Realty, Renata holds a pivotal role overseeing every aspect of the brokerage's operations with expertise. This multifaceted responsibility includes ensuring compliance, fostering robust business growth, and providing steadfast support to our dedicated team of agents.


Renata's unwavering dedication to nurturing client relationships has created a lasting impact in the real estate realm. She firmly believes in the power of going the extra mile when working with clients and fellow realtors, a philosophy underscored by the remarkable success she has achieved throughout her career. Her commitment to ensuring an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for everyone she collaborates with is self-evident, making her a beacon of exceptional service in our industry.


Renata possesses a profound reservoir of expertise, complemented by her sharp strategic thinking and exceptional leadership skills. Her contagious enthusiasm for collaborating with a team of passionate professionals who share her dedication to delivering exceptional service to our clients is palpable. Renata stands as a guiding force, poised to lead our brokerage on a path of unparalleled growth and prosperity in the years ahead. 

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